MDS is an ADE Top-Ranked School

MDS is an ADE Top-Ranked School

When the Arizona Department of Education released grades for schools the Arizona Republic carried a lengthy article on Arizona’s school ratings.

It included two ratings charts. One listed the top 10 scoring districts in the state, the other the top-scoring charter networks in the state (meaning those with at least 3 sites and 800 students – since we’re smaller, we weren’t included). Visit Top School District and Charter System Ranking to view list.

The top 2 districts scored at 165 and 159 respectively.
The top 2 charter networks scored at 163 and 158 respectively.

How did we score? Right up there – with 159 as a District.

This means our schools are among the very top in the state academically.

We credit our entire community – our dedicated and talented Montessori teachers, our students and their parents, our administrative team, our maintenance team, and our long-term community relationships – with this success. Congratulations to everyone! And next year we will do even better.