A Learning Community where the individual child comes first

Montessori Day Schools offer children a spectrum of unique educational opportunities. Full day, open classroom programs for preschool-kindergarteners. An interactive and interdisciplinary scholastic program for elementary students. A strong middle school program tailored to the dynamically changing adolescent. Plus, an array of stimulating afterschool enrichment classes combined with a safe and nurturing extended care program for children of working parents. At Montessori Day Schools the needs and well-being of the individual child come first. We are unlike traditional preschools, elementary schools or day cares with which you may be familiar. Learning activities are related to “Real Life” experience. Subject matters are interrelated. Students learn to apply their knowledge and skills to the context of everyday living. And though MDS kids are avid and often early readers, math whizzes, and creative writers, their focus is not on skill-drill, workbooks and textbooks. The secret to their success lies in the highly interactive, hands on learning environment they enthusiastically experience every day. Plus, MDS students do not work for grades or praise. They are motivated by their own spirit of inquiry and individual interest, stimulated and supported by talented teachers and a dynamic educational environment.