Lead Teacher: Frances (Tommie) Walker:   fwalker@mdpsc.org

Assistant: Hope Duncan

Lead Teacher: Frances (Tommie) Walker:   fwalker@mdpsc.org

Assistant: Hope Duncan

Weeks 9 – 13, October 2 – November 4, 2017

First of all a resounding thank you to all of the parent drivers/chaperones for our field trip to the OdySea Aquarium is Scottsdale.  It was an incredible experience for the students.  There was interactive drawing which showed up on a large screen, penguins outside of their habitat, an otter presentation, and a carousel for a large audience to view turtles, sharks, seals and sea lions.  We stayed from 9am until 12:30, and there was still more we could have viewed.  The educational host complimented the children for their polite behavior and attention during the orientation before entering the aquarium.

The classical music program this month includes: Britten’s Simple Symphony, featuring a playful pizzicato, plucking of the violin strings, Beethoven’s Pastoral, Byrd’s Qui Passe, and the Hary Janos Suite No. 2, the Musical Clock.

Our virtues for the month are:  forgiveness, trustworthiness, kindness, and helpfulness.  After discussing the meanings and signs of success, the children will complete a writing task to show their understanding, and then practice it.

Homework club is on Monday and Tuesday, 3:30-4:30.  There is no charge, and students are welcome to attend for extra help, or for a quiet place to study, or to catch up on class work.  Please pick up students by 4:30.  After 4:30, they are sent to after-care and a drop-in fee applies.

Scholastic orders:  Parent code is 22D0H.  The on line orders ship with the next class order.


Math:  We continue the journey with the Common Core Progress Math Book, and there is follow-up work on Ten Marks, also personal assignments.  Look for book assignments recorded in the goals books.

Reading:  Scope and Storyworks Magazines, summaries and details.  Poems and conventions

Writing:  Journals and writer’s workshop every week, also vocabulary words for definitions, synonyms and antonyms

History:  Family heritage and research for International Day

Geography:  Personal map study, continent research for our International Day,

Science:  scientific method, stating questions from observations, hypothesis, experiments, and analysis

Important dates:

Oct. 3              Child as Teacher night

Oct. 9-13         Fall Break – Enjoy

Oct. 20            Character Parade

Oct. 26 – 27    Parent teacher conferences

Nov. 4             International Day