Lead Teacher: Frances (Tommie) Walker:   fwalker@mdpsc.org

Assistant: Hope Duncan

Weeks 25-27, February 6-23, 2017

We are well into the third quarter of the year.  Completion of work in class and homework is valuable preparation for the upcoming AZ Merit tests at the end of March.  Read-A-Thon information and reminders have been sent home over the past two weeks.  Please take time to help your student set up their account for the school fundraiser.  It ends on March 2.

Our music for the past two weeks has been quintet for clarinet and strings by Johannes Brahms, and sonata by Rossini.  Our virtues have been loyalty, patience, and steadfastness.  The children share their ideas and experiences about the virtues.  Art lessons are on Thursday afternoons presented using the Mon-art method.  Each student produces a unique piece using geometric dots, circles, lines and curves. They have finished a toucan, fish, an underwater scene, tiger, and this week a magnolia blossom.  Much of the work is displayed on the classroom walls.  Our latest is the magnolia tree.

Class work notes

math lessons 26-30

vocabulary lessons 13-15

geography – map study, mental mapping

science – earth science

reading and writing – informational texts, opinion/argument


Each student has a homework folder for vocabulary and spelling.  The unit for each week is listed by week number and the date.  Work is due on the day indicated.  Students are to do the work a day ahead.  Math is marked in their goals books under the homework section.  Ten Marks are done in class.

Homework club is available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30.  This time is set aside for homework and extra help.  Please pick up your student promptly at 4:30.  After 4:30 children are sent to after-care and there is a fee assessed for that period of time.

Important Dates

February 20 – school closed for President’s Day

February 22 – early release at 11:30

February 28 – Child as Teacher 3:30-6:00 No need to sign up for a time.  The door is open for you to attend at your convenience.

March 2 , 3 – early release at 11:30 for Parent teacher conferences.  Look for a Google doc signup sheet on e-mail.

Scholastic Book Orders

Orders for this month are due Tuesday, February 21st.  You can send the order to the class with exact cash, and checks made to Scholastic Books.  On-line order selections will be shipped with our class order.  Our class code is 22D0H.  Note it is a zero, not the letter “o”.