Our Preschool Program: A sound head start through hands-on learning.

In order to develop concentration, self-discipline, critical thinking and problem solving plus language, math and creative abilities, preschool-kindergarten children require an educational environment that allows them to learn in an interactive manner. The MDS Preschool-Kindergarten Program provides children with countless opportunities for hands-on exploration, experimentation and expression of new ideas and skills. The curriculum is designed to stimulate the development of the “Whole Child”. Observe the Preschool-Kindergarten and you will see children expanding their social skills as well as their intellectual abilities. Children gaining in self-esteem and self-confidence through activities that promote “practical life” skills. Children learning to support and serve one another’s needs within the classroom community. Children engaged in creative arts and multi-cultural activities, as well as reading, writing and math exercises. The goal of the Preschool-Kindergarten Program is to help children discover and develop their natural abilities and interests in the context of solid preparation for academic and community life.