Lead Teacher :: Lisa Duncan :: lduncan@mdpsc.org
Assistant: Matt Soto :: msoto@mdpsc.org


Welcome to Senior Elementary 2

 Please reference the following information to keep up with what is going on in SE2!

Goals Books: This year we will be covering a wide range of topics within each subject.  The best way for parents to keep abreast of the work their child is doing is to check their goals books weekly.  Their goals book is their way of monitoring their own work and being accountable for completing their assignments.  Goals books are sent home weekly.

Homework Club:  Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm.  It will be held in SE2.  Homework Club is for students that need help with homework or just a quiet place to get homework done.  Please check with Ms. Duncan if you wish for your child to attend.  There is NO CHARGE for attending, however students MUST BE picked up at the classroom by 4:30pm.  Students still on campus after that time will be sent to aftercare.  There is a drop-in charge for aftercare if you are not already enrolled.

Google Classroom:  Students have been given their own mdpsc.org email to use with Google Classroom.  Students will complete many assignments online including their vocabulary and spelling homework.

Check out BLOOMZ for homework schedules and upcoming events for the classroom.

2018 – 2019 Curriculum:

Writing – Each Quarter we will be going through the process of writing the 5 paragraph essay.

Q1 – Persuasive Essays

Q2 – Informative Essays

Q3 – Narrative Essays

Q4 – Poetry

Reading – Students will be using the SRA reading program as well as Scholastic’s Scope (6th grade) and StoryWorks (4th & 5th grade) magazines.  With these magazines we cover topics like: Summarizing Text, Text Features, Finding & Using Text Evidence (citing sources), Mood, Plot, Text Structure, Compare/Contrast, Theme, Character Development, etc.  Students will also be completing book reports as well as participating in Novel Discussions.

Math – Students will be completing math assignments in their Common Core Progress math workbook as well as completing assignments on Moby Max.  Each week students will also be participating in “Math Labs”.  Students will be working together on activities based on the standard(s) covered that week. These activities will help supplement the material they are studying in their workbooks.

Vocabulary/Spelling – Students will be learning grade level vocabulary words using the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary books.

Science – Students will engage in lessons covering many topics.

Q1 – Scientific Method, Conducting an Experiment

Q2 – Components of a System, Science & Technology, Changes in Environment

Q3 – Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources, Diversity/Adaptation/Behavior, Electricity, Magnetism

Q4 – Atoms & Molecules, The Periodic Table

History – Students will be studying U.S. History this year.

Q1 – Fundamental Needs of Humans, Native Americans, European Exploration

Q2 – Life in the Colonies, The 13 Original Colonies, Slavery in the US

Q3 – Westward Expansion, Civil War, Industrial Revolution & WW!

Q4 – Great Depression & WW2, Civil Rights Movement, U.S. Government

Geography – Students will be studying different aspects of physical geography.

Q1 – Map Skills, Land & Water Forms

Q2 – Layers of the Atmosphere, Layers of the Earth, Continents

Q3 – Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains,Valleys & Plains

Q4 – Rivers, Lakes, Islands, Rock & Minerals

Any questions or comments can be directed to Ms. Duncan via email: lduncan@mdpsc.org or phone: (602)943-7672

Helping Hands/Classroom Need

Thank you to all of the parents who have helped out!

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