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October 2, 2017


Significant Upcoming Dates:

Student as Teacher – Tuesday, October 3 – 3:30 to 6:30

Fall Break -Monday, October 9 – Friday, October 13 – School Closed

Early Release: 11:30 a.m.– Thursday – Friday – October  26th – 27th

Conferences: Parent – Student – Teacher – Thursday – Friday – October  26th – 27th Beginning 1:00 p.m.

Field Trip: Immigration Court in December. Date not yet fixed but we will neeed drivers.

Homework Expectations:  Vocabulary, grammar, literature, and math are regular homework assignments for Monday through Thursday evenings. The homework is due the next day and will be graded at that time. There is a weekly writing assignment along with other assignments due each week. You will be notified of any late homework.

Middle School students have a complete set of Study Guides that list all of their assignments for this six-week cycle of work.   To find out what their assignments are for any given night, have your student explain the study guides to you.  Please contact either of us if you still need some clarification.  Academics:

The theme of Cycle 2 is Forces.

Personal World: Have you ever been convinced by your friends to do something wild or dangerous against your better judgment?   Your friends can be one of the greatest forces in your life, and most of the time your friends are good for you. In some cases, however, peer pressure may prove to be the hardest and most potentially damaging outside force you may have to deal with in your personal world. Your peers can sometimes try to manipulate you, making it difficult for you to make your own decisions. Other outside forces which can affect your decision-making include your parents and family, laws, groups or organizations, and the media in their use of advertising and programming.

Pressure isn’t always external.  We all have to deal with the inner force of stress.  Stress is your mind and your body’s response to the stressors(anything that causes stress) in your environment.  Stress can make you unhappy, affect your performance in school, strain your relationships with family and friends, and even make you physically ill.  Anger, jealousy, and sadness are all powerful emotions which can cause stress.  Good moods, pride, love, confidence, and hopefulness are some of the powerful emotions that make it easier for you to make the right choices. These inner forces are very strong and ultimately are what enable or disable you when it comes to dealing with outside and inside forces. We will study ways of managing stress.

Guiding Questions

What are the forces in my life and how do they affect me?                                                             What skills can be developed to effectively deal with these forces?                                                           What are the forces which affect the strength of our classroom community?

Social World: We will be studying the forces that led to the American Revolution.

Our studies follow these guiding questions:                                                                                    

What forces can bring about revolution?                                                                             

What forces brought about the American Revolution?                                                        

What are some other revolutions that have impacted our world?

Natural World:  We will be studying forces in nature. 

Our studies follow these guiding questions:                                                     

What are forces and motion and how are they measured?                                                   

What are the laws that govern motion, forces, and gravity?                                                

What are the laws for electromagnetic forces?

Street Law:  This cycle covers “Introduction to Torts,”  “Taking Your Case to Court,” “Intentional Torts,” and “Overview of Immigration Law.”  There is a class field trip to Immigration Court coming up in December

Classical Music Program:  This month  we are listening to Bela Bartok, Aaron Copland, Georg Phillipp Telemann, and Edvard Grieg

Note:  We look forward to meeting with all our families at the Parent-Student-Teacher conferences.  As before, your student is expected to participate in the conference.