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Week 29 –  (March 13, 2017)

As temperatures keep rising our spirits are high as we gear up for Spring Break. The students have been looking forward to spending the week at home and have been telling us all about it. Whether you will be traveling out of town or enjoying a stay-cation, we hope everyone has a fun and safe Spring Break. We’ll see you on Monday, March 27th!

AzMerit Testing will take place March 28th through March 30th. The 3rd year students have been hard at work in the classroom in preparation for the test, and we are ready! In order to help your 3rd year student be in tip-top shape on the days they test, here are some helpful tips:

  • Get a full night’s sleep before the test. A lack of sleep will affect your child’s performance.
  • No screen time the morning of the test. Decreasing screen time exposure as much as possible ensures your child can focus.
  • Don’t panic! Standardized testing can stress your child out. Remind them they are prepared to complete the test, and to take their time.
  • Eat a good, healthy breakfast. An empty stomach can lead to fatigue and trouble concentrating.

Yearbooks for the 2016-2017 school year can now be purchased online or you can print the form below and drop it off along with your payment. This year the yearbook will be 60 pages in full color with a snap book cover. This is a great way for your child to relive the memories of all the fun and exciting activities they experienced this school year. Don’t miss out on the memories!

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Besides the individual lessons the children receive during the week, we have been working on our writing.  This week we examined the writing process and learned to revise and edit opinion pieces, informational text, and narratives. We learned that the writing process involves four steps; prewriting, writing, revising/editing, and publishing.


The children have been practicing their addition, subtraction, and multiplication using the stamp game, multiplication board, checkerboard, and bead frame, according to their level. Depending on their level they have been working on operations using 3-4 digit numbers and fractions.  The 3rd years did a practice test for the AzMerit.


This week we learned about Bolivia. Bolivia is a landlocked country found in the heart of South America. It’s home to the highest capital city in the world, La Paz, and home to some amazing physical features including the highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca and the largest salt flats in the world, Salar de Uyuni. 60% of the Bolivian population is of indigenous heritage including Quechua, Aymara and Guarani, so the country is rich in culture. Many natural resources can be found in Bolivia including Lithium used in making batteries; however the country is still the poorest economically in South America.

Scholastic Books

Scholastic catalogs have gone home in Friday Folders. If you would like to order online, please visit http://www.scholastic.com/bookclubs. Our class code is LGZF4. You can also return the order form and payment to us. Orders for March are due by 3/30.

Reading – Crime Biters! My Dog is Better Than Yours

Jimmy Bishop loves doing 3 things: 1) Laughing at funny dog videos online, 2) watching his favorite show (Stop! Police!) on TV, 3) and reading his favorite vampire book (Fang Goodness) over and over. His self-involved older sister and workaholic Mom think he needs to stop obsessing already! But when his Dad finally allows Jimmy to get a puppy before school starts, everything changes and Jimmy has something new to focus on: his amazing dog, Abby who seems to have some very unusual habits. She sleeps all day but is wired at night, and she runs from the garlic kelp biscuit made by Jimmy’s strange new babysitter Mrs. Cragg. There’s just something different about Abby. Could she possibly be…a vampire? Jimmy’s best friend Irwin thinks Jimmy’s being ridiculous, but then when Abby uncovers a real crime in progress and helps him become friends with an actual, human girl, even Irwin has to admit that perhaps Abby might have some super powers after all.

Virtues of the week

The virtue of the week was confidence. Confidence is being certain and feeling assurance. It comes from knowing and trusting someone. Self-confidence means you trust yourself. You can do things without doubts holding you back. With confidence you know that everything that happens to you will work out for the best if you learn from it.

Composer of the Week

This week’s feature composer was Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741). The feature composition is the first movement of “Spring” from The Four Seasons. People have celebrated the beginning of spring for centuries. Vivaldi, a musician who lived 250 years ago, was very sensitive to the changing seasons. He described spring in two ways. In words he said, “Spring has come, and the joyful birds greet it with merry song, and the brooks in Zephyr’s gentle breezes, murmur quietly as they flow along. Then, hiding the sky with a black mantle, come both thunder and the lightning that announces it, and afterward, when these are silenced, the little birds begin again their enchanting songs.” In music, he wrote the composition “Spring.”


Monday – Friday, March 20th – 24th – NO SCHOOL  (Spring Break) *Extended Care Available

Tuesday – Thursday, March 28th-30th – AZMERIT Testing (Please try not to be absent)

Wednesday, April 19th – Early Release @ 11:30 * Extended Care Available

*Extended Care available for students enrolled in the Extended Day (8am-4:30pm) or All Day (7am-6pm) programs.


  • Please stay in your car during car line.
  • MORNING DROP OFF!!  IF YOUR CHILD IS NOT IN THE MORNING EXTENDED CARE PROGRAM YOUR CHILD CANNOT BE ON CAMPUS BEFORE 8:15 a.m.  If you need to drop your child off prior to 8:15 a.m. please sign them up for extended care. STARTING ON MONDAY all children who arrive on campus prior to 8:15 a.m. will be signed into Extended Care.  If your child is not in extended care you will be charged a $20.00 drop in fee. THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS IS FOR THE SIBLINGS OF MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS.  Because Middle School starts at 8 a.m. those students, plus their siblings, are allowed to be on campus at 7:45 a.m.
  • AFTERNOON PICK-UP!!!   You have until 3:25 to pick up your child.  Any child who has not been picked up by that time will be sent to the aftercare program.  There will be a $20.00 drop in charge if they are sent to aftercare.