Kindergarten I-Ms. Dawn and Ms. Vicky

Calendar of Events

Monday-October 2nd-Parent Committee Meeting-5:30

Tuesday-October 3rd-Child As Teacher-3:30 to 6:00 -Please sign up for a half hour time slot if you have not already done so.

Monday-Friday October 9th-13th-Fall Break-School Closed

Thursday and Friday October 26th and 27th-Parent/Teacher Conferences

Saturday November 4th-International Festival-Please watch for important updates and sign up information for this event.


October-Classroom Updates and Notes

It’s hard to believe that it is already the month of October. September went by so quickly.

September was an exciting month with the development of our garden plot.The plants are now starting to grow. We are so grateful to the parents from Ms. Romana’s class who built a beautiful new garden box for our classes.Thank you also to Noel’s mom, Desirae, and Artemis’ mom, Brandy, for working with the class on planting the seeds.

The class recently had the opportunity to help decorate paper bags for an organization called Zuri’s Circle. Thank you to Rylan, and his mom Melissa for including us on this project. The afternoon students enjoyed drawing and coloring on the lunch bags with markers and crayons. The bags will be filled with snacks and lunches to be distributed to student’s who need them, and who may even be homeless. It opened up an opportunity for us to talk about helping others in our community.The children did a great job with their drawings, and our hope is that they will put a smile on someone’s face.

For the month of October we will be focusing on(but not limited to) the following lessons in class.


The children will continue to progress with their math lessons at their own individual levels. This is one of the many benefits of the Montessori philosophy. While some of them are working on learning the teen numbers with the use of the teens board, others may be working on the tens board, for making numbers to 100 with the golden bead material.  We continue to count each day, working our way to 100 ,with our 100 days of school chart. Each day we add to the chart the corresponding number of how many days we have attended school. This is a part of our morning circle time routine.


The children will be continuing with their individual language lessons. We have learned all the names of the Zoophonics animals. We continue to work on the letter sounds with small and large group games using the Zoophonics cards, and sand letters.  In group we have also been working on memorizing some sight words.

In the month of October we will start to write in individual journals. We have been doing writing practice each day to help prepare for using the journals. We will start with simple sentences taken from the children’s ideas each day which will be written on the white board. The children will then copy the sentences into their journals.

We will continue to work on letter formation with use of the sand letters, sand tray, and daily writing practice.

The children have been working diligently to learn all of the phonetic sounds, of the alphabet. Ms. Vicky and I enjoy watching their individual accomplishments, as those “light bulbs” go on in their minds when they realize they are starting to read.

Those that came to us already reading are enjoying the Bob books, word family cards, and moveable alphabet.


This month we will be learning about North America.

We  will be learning the names of the countries, as well, as learning about plants, animals, and landmarks of our continent.

We will also learn more about land and water forms. The children did great learning to distinguish the difference between island and lake.


This month we will be learning about mammals. What is a mammal, what distinguishes that it is a mammal? We will also be learning about the parts of a horse.


October is an exciting month as we will be learning all about the parts of plants, leaves, and trees. Along with these interesting lessons the children will have the opportunity to make the booklet of each. They can color and label each page. For autumn we will be learning about the parts of a pumpkin, as well as, the process of it’s growth from seed to pumpkin.

All this will coincide with taking care of our garden plot. The children enjoy watering the plants, and observing the process of growth.


We will be continuing with the geometric solids. This month we will focus on  the cube, triangular prism, and the cone.The children will also be presented with further lessons with the geometric cabinet.

In September we had a lesson on the binomial cube, touch boards, and the sound cylinders.


Virtues for October

The virtues we will learn about this month will be forgiveness, peacefulness,trustworthiness, and kindness.

With each virtue we learn, we talk about how we can practice the virtue at school and at home.


This month the composers and compositions will be:

Benjamin Britten-Simple Symphony 2 Playful Pizzicato

Ludwig Van Beethovan-Symphony No. 6 in F major,op68 “Pastoral”3 Allegro

William Byrd-Qui Passe

Zoltan Kodaly-Hary Janos Suite 2. Viennese Muscial Clock






















Curriculum for the month of September


The children continue to work on their individual math works. Through the next month they will move on to new math lessons when they are ready.


We have learned almost the whole alphabet of the Zoophonics animals! We have recently learned t-v.Timothy Tiger, Umber Umbrella Bird and Vincent Vampire Bat. We have also started learning the Zoophonics song, and have done the Zoorobics song, which includes exercises in which we use the animal motions. For the month of September we will continue working on letter sounds, and writing practice. The students who already know all the letter sounds will continue with the moveable alphabet, word to picture cards, and Bob books.


This month we will be learning the names of the continents,layers of the Earth, and the oceans of the world.  We will also continue to learn about the land/water forms. So far we have covered island/lake, and isthmus/strait.


In zoology this month we will learn about the life cycle of the butterfly, ladybug, and ant. The children will be making booklets for each one. We have recently had a lesson on vertebrate and invertebrate. The children learned quickly what the difference is between the two, and they enjoy sorting the picture cards of the animals to each category.


In sensorial we will continue with exploring the geometry cabinet, and the geometric solids. We will also be learning how to use the sound cylinders, and the touch boards.

Practical Life:

In the area of practical life we will be learning to work with the play doh, and  we will be making necklaces with the bead stringing materials.


This month our virtues will include accountability,tolerance and excellence. We have continued to practice our virtues of courtesy, respect, and self discipline. The children are also doing quite well with being orderly which was one of the virtues for August.

We  have started learning about our first composer. Each week through the school year we will learn about a composer, and listen to one of their compositions.

This week we learned about Haydn, and listened to the composition “Le Matin”, which means morning in French.

The month of September we will also be listening to compositions by Brahms,Vivaldi, and Beethoven.



The year is off to a great start, and we are already into the third week of school. The children are enjoying lessons on many of the Montessori materials.


We started off our first week with many lessons with the sensorial materials for discrimination of dimension. The pink tower, broad stair, red rods, knobbed cylinders, and knobless cylinders, have all been a big hit.

These materials have a very precise way of being used. They are used for learning the concept of large to small, differences in depth and diameter, hand/eye coordination, to name a few. We take great care in using these materials.


In the area of math we have been working with the basic concepts of number recognition and counting, using sand numbers, number rods, cards and counters, and the spindle boxes.

Many of the children already know these basics, and have been moving on to teens, and the short bead stair work.

We have also had a lesson on the introduction to the decimal system with the use of the golden beads. This work teaches the children about the hierarchy of numbers in the decimal system, using the unit beads, ten bars, hundred squares, and thousand cubes.


We are learning the Zoophonics animals ,which is the program we use for learning the phonetic sounds of letters, along with the Montessori sand paper letters. So far we have learned the Zoophonics animals up through “o” Olive Octopus. The children have been practicing the sounds and letter formation with use of the sand letters and sand tray. First they trace the sand paper letter, and then make the letter in the sand.  We have also been making “air ” letters with our fingers at circle time.


We have had a lesson on land, air, and water. We have also had an introduction to the World puzzle map, and have talked about the 7  continents, which we will learn about throughout the year.

The children also enjoyed watching the solar eclipse via the live broadcast. We watched it on the computer, and also noted the changes we were seeing outside.

Practical Life:

We have had lessons in the area of Grace and Courtesy. These include walking feet in the classroom, walking around work and work mats, how to wait for a teacher’s help, and putting work away. Also, carrying a work mat, and rolling and putting it away.

Some of the other practical life materials the children have been enjoying are teaching them how to sweep, scoop, spoon, etc. They also have their daily jobs to do in the classroom which include cleaning tables, floors, pencil helper, tidying up the shelves, door holder, line leader, etc.

All of the Practical Life lessons support the development of coordination, concentration, independence and responsibility.

Virtue of the week:

So far we have learned about three very important virtues. Respect, courtesy, and responsibility. We are learning how to practice these virtues each day in the classroom by how we treat one another. We have also talked about being responsible for caring for the work materials,completing work ,and putting it away.


Spring 2017 Dates and Info

March 10th-Inservice-School Closed

March 20th-24th-Spring Break

Updates for February


Dear Parents,

I want to thank you all  for your thoughts, prayers, and cards last month after my mother’s passing. It so thoughtful of you. I also want to thank Ms. Vicky and Ms. Marcia for doing such a great job with the class while I was out of town.

Wow, I can’t believe we are already in the month of March. The children have been so busy doing their daily works. We are enjoying our group lessons together, as well.

We are excited to announce that we now have a garden, thanks to Ms. Ty, Maddy’s mom. We currently have some lovely flowers, and a tomato plant. We look forward to planting some more things over the next few weeks.

We are also excited about are weekly music class. Bardyn’s dad, Mr. Martinez, has been coming in on Monday mornings to teach us music. Not only do we sing, but we are learning some musical symbols, and how to warm up our voices.

We will be doing lots of new lessons this month which will include learning about the ocean, and about Australia.

Thank you to all of you for your help in the many areas that you participate in to help out the class.

Ms. Dawn


The Read-a-Thon has come to an end, but I am happy to announce that our class earned $395 . Thank you to all of you for your participation.


We are continuing in math with individual works and lessons. The current favorite is the long chains. This is a very lengthy and concentrated work which requires the student to count the bead chains up into the 100’s while placing the labels as they go along. They also place the squares as needed to indicate the squaring of the numbers.

We have many students working on 4 digit static and dynamic addition with the use of the stamp game.

Another new favorite is learning about money. We have been learning the names and values of coins, as well as, paper money.


We are continuing with are daily journal, and we are starting to explore the concept of inventive spelling.

The children are also enjoying reading, moveable alphabet, phonogram books, word families, and sight words. These are all works that they do according to their individual level.


We have recently finished our study of Asia, and will now be traveling on to our study of Australia for the month of March.

We have also been learning about Arizona. We learned about the 5 C’s of Arizona, cotton, citrus, copper, climate, and cattle.We also learned about the state flower, bird, etc.

The children have been enjoying our review of the land and water forms.


We have had a lesson on the parts of the flower, and have been working on flower booklets.


The most recent virtues we have learned about are honor and loyalty. This weeks virtue is consideration. We are talking about ways we can be considerate to others.

The composer this week is Maurice Ravel, and the composition is Mother Goose Suite.


Updates for week of January 9th-13th


Don’t forget school will closed on Monday the 16th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We have read a book about Dr. King, and why we honor him with a special day. The children thought it was very sad that African American people were once segregated. We talked about Dr. King’s work to eliminate segregation, so that all children could attend the same schools.


This week we have continued with lessons on large number formation along with individual math works.


The children are continuing with daily journal. They are now working on writing longer sentences. They have been practicing keeping the letters on the correct lines, and leaving a space between words. We are also learning about using a comma.

They are also continuing with individual language works.


This week we started our study of Antarctica. The children are enjoying learning about the different kinds of penguins and other animals that live there. We have also learned about the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica.We are learning the location of each, and the location of the North and South Pole.


This weeks virtue was humility.We talked about what it means to be humble at school, at home or while playing with friends.

The composer  this week was Johann Sebastian Bach, and the composition was Gigue, which means jig.


Updates week of January 3rd


Happy New Year to all!

The first week back to school has been a great one. The children are doing excellent work, and have settled back into the routine.

Ms. Vicky and I are so proud of the amazing performance they did at the Winter Program. They worked so hard, and it definitely paid off. We hope you enjoyed it.

We would like to extend a huge thank you for all the wonderful cards and gifts you gave us. Your kindness is very much appreciated. Thank you also to those of you who helped out with the program preparations, and our classroom booth.

This month we will be learning about Antarctica, birds, and the human body.

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Ms. Dawn and Ms. Vicky


This week in math we are continuing with large number formation, and golden bead addition. The children are also working at their own individual levels.


In the area of language many of the children are working individually on family sort words, sight words,moveable alphabet, and reading.  They are all working on daily journal each day.


We are finishing up the study of South America. This week we learned about some of the animals that live there.


This week we reviewed the parts of the turtle, and had a lesson on making the turtle booklet. We also started learning about birds.

We read a book about animals and what they do in the winter. We have been talking about the difference between migrating and hibernating for the winter. We have also learned about the animals that stay around, and how they survive winter in colder places.


The virtue for the week has been honesty. We have  been talking about how it is important to always be honest and why we should be honest.




Updates for week of November 21st-December 2nd

Classroom Notes:

Wow, only two weeks left until the Winter Program. We have been practicing two songs, and I am so proud of the children for their progress with learning all the words to both. Now we are working on the fun part, the choreography. We hope you can all make it to see their fabulous performance, as well as those of all the other classes. We have started our craft which will be available for purchase at the Winter Bazaar. What an exciting time of the year.

Thank you to all of you for donating to the food donation drive. Our bin was full of all kinds of canned and dried goods. We appreciate your generosity to help out others who are less fortunate.

We had such a great time on our field trip to the farm. Thank you to all of you who were able to go along and help us. The children enjoyed the corn maze, and picking their own vegetables. We got to pick cucumbers. radishes, and turnips. It was a bit muddy, but I think that added to the fun for all of us. We also got to see some animals. There were horses, chickens, goats, bunny rabbits, and birds. The train ride was a big hit along with the” bouncy thing”.

This month the children also enjoyed learning about the first Thanksgiving, and we talked about the Native Americans and how they helped the pilgrims. We hope you enjoyed the turkeys that the children made for you.


The progression in math skills continues each week. Some of the children have started golden bead addition, and we are all enjoying working on large number formation.


The daily journal is a favorite. It is a great way to practice writing each day, and they love to talk about what we should write about for the day.  Everyone is continuing to work at their own level with reading and language materials. Many of the children are making great progress with moveable alphabet work.


We have started learning about South America. We have used the puzzle map, and many of the children are coloring and labeling their own South America map. So far we have learned about the plants that grow there.


We have learned about reptiles and have had a lesson on the parts of a turtle.


Updates for week of November 14th

Classroom notes:

For the remainder of this month we will be collecting non perishable food items for a donation drive through St. Vincent De Paul. If you would like to help out and donate, we have a box in the classroom for placing donated items.

The children are getting excited about the upcoming field trip to the farm on Wednesday. Please be sure your child brings a sack lunch for the trip, and make sure their name is clearly marked on it.  Also, please be sure to dress your child in comfortable clothes and shoes. No sandals; tennis shoes are preferred.

This month we have been learning about the first Thanksgiving, and we are currently making paper turkeys. We have also been talking about the things we are thankful for.


We have started working on subtraction. Some of the children have started learning large number formation, and how to read the numbers. The children are all progressing with their individual works in the area of math, and enjoy learning new concepts each week.


The children are loving their daily journal work. They are also working on individual and small group lessons. We have been learning about when we should use an uppercase letter.


We continue with learning about the United States. Some of the children have been coloring and labeling their own U.S map.


This week’s virtue has been compassion. We have talked about what if means to feel compassion for someone.  Our featured composer for the week has been Johann Sebastian Bach and the composition we have listened to is “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”.





Updates for Oct. 28th- November 10th

Classroom notes:

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the International Day. It was a huge success, and everyone had a great time. Thank you for all the wonderful food you provided. The children did a great job with their performance, and enjoyed making their flags.

The upcoming weeks will be another whirlwind of fun activities as we start to prepare for the Winter Program and Bazaar which will be on Friday December 16th. Please mark your calendar as this is an annual school event you don’t want to miss. Each class will be performing a song, and making a special craft to be sold at the bazaar.

The class has been busy with individual work, as well as small group, and one on one lessons. The children are moving right along with their works. It is amazing and fun to watch their progress.


In math we are continuing with individual works on 1-10, teens or 1-100. Many of the children are now working on the tens board which is teaching them symbol and quantity with numbers of 11-100.

We have had a lesson on the addition strip board which they are using to practice their addition tables. They are also practicing static addition with the bead stair beads,1-9.


In language the children have started working on their daily journals. For now we are all writing the same entry for the day. So far we are sticking to simple topics such as the weather. For example:”Today the weather is sunny and windy.” They copy it in their journal, and then draw a picture on the top portion of the page. I am amazed at how quickly they have taken to doing it, and how well they are doing with it. They have also learned their first punctuation, the period. They know that it comes at the end of the journal sentence.

We are also continuing with learning the first group of sight words.


We have had a lesson on the United States puzzle map. We have also started booklets on the land and water forms.


We had a lesson on the first drawer of the leaf cabinet. The children are learning the different names of the shapes of the leaves.

Last week we took a walk on the playground and collected leaves off the ground from all the wonderful trees we have here on campus. The children used the leaves to make leaf print pictures.




Updates: Oct. 10th-28th

Classroom Updates:

Thank you to all of you for coming to Child As Teacher. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. The children did a wonderful job teaching you all the work that they enjoy doing each day.

The month is quickly coming to an end, and we will be wrapping it up with our Character Parade on Friday.

Next Saturday the 5th we will be having our school’s first International Day. The children have been working so hard on learning the song that they will be performing along with Ms. Romana’s class. We have also been working on the flags that will represent their family heritage. They are all so excited about this event. Please be sure to check the food sign-up sheet that was sent out this week via email.



Group 1: Daily letter sounds and recognition practice with the sand paper letters, zoophonic’s cards, and letter writing practice.

Group 2: Review of letter sounds and recognition. Reading practice of c-v-c words to match to picture cards. Lesson on moveable alphabet for spelling c-v-c words.

Group 3: Reading practice with yellow picture to word cards, and Bob books. Also, spelling with moveable alphabet, family sort words, and sight words.


The children continue with their daily works on math at their individual levels. We have been working on 100 chain for practice of counting by 10’s up to 100. There is also lots of daily practice on teens and tens boards. These are used for practicing symbol of numbers up to 100.


We are continuing with our study of North America, and land and water forms. We have also been working on making paper flags for the International Day.


We have had a lesson on parts of the horse for our study of mammals.


We have been very busy with botany lessons.  This month we have had lessons on parts of the pumpkin, and the life cycle of the pumpkin. We have also had lessons on parts of the tree, and parts of the leaf. The children have been working on booklets to color and label the different parts of each.

Circle Time Activities:

Our latest composer has been Kodaly and the composition Hary Janos Suite 2,Viennese Musical Clock. Last week the composer was Byrd and the composition was Qui Passe.

This week’s virtue has been trustworthiness. We have been learning about what it means to be trustworthy.



Updates September 23rd-October 7th

Classroom Updates:

The month of October has been off to a wonderful start with the children working so hard on their individual work. They are excited to have their daily work  folders, and are enjoying getting their work checked off each day on the weekly page. This helps us to keep track of what they are working on, and to assure that they are challenging themselves on a daily basis. It is also a way to keep track of their repetitions of the works.

We have enjoyed learning about two new composers over the past weeks. We have listened to Antonio Vivaldi’s Autumn, and also to Bela  Bartok’s first movement from Three Rondos on Slovak Folktunes.

This past week the children enjoyed their first PE class. We will be having PE every Thursday morning. They enjoyed doing some yoga warm ups, and learning a bit about how to play kickball.

The upcoming months will be busy, and filled with several school wide activities. Please be sure to mark your calendar, and watch your emails for further details.



The children continue to work on their reading skills each day with the use of many materials. We also have small group lessons several times a week according to their level of phonics knowledge. They have also been doing writing practice each day with their calendar work.


In the area of math the children work on their individual  lessons each day. They love learning new things, and get excited when they are ready to move to the next Montessori math material. We have several that are now working with the tens board. This material is teaching them to build and  recognize quantities up to 100.


We have started our study of North America.The children are using the puzzle map to learn about the names of the different countries. They are also working on coloring and labeling maps of North America.

We continue our study of the land and water forms.We have introduced island, lake,cape, and bay. The children amaze me at how they can remember the differences.



We have recently learned about the life cycle of the ladybug. The children have been making booklets to color and label, to show each stage of the life cycle.

This past week we started learning about mammals. We are now learning about the parts of the horse, and will be working on booklets. In the booklets they will color and label the different parts.


The month of October will bring us some exciting lessons on the parts of plants and trees. We will be learning about the parts of a pumpkin, and making pumpkin booklets.

In practical life we will be doing pumpkin scrubbing. We will learn the steps of how to get the water in a pitcher, the process of washing, rinsing, drying, and then cleaning up after the job is complete.

Please remember if you ever have any questions or concerns you may email me or send me a message via the Remind app.









Updates for September

Classroom Notes

The past two weeks have gone by so quickly, and the children have been busy with lots of new and exciting lessons. Our most recent virtues have been self discipline and accountability. We have learned about how we are responsible for disciplining ourselves to make good choices. Also, how to have self discipline while sitting at circle time, and by keeping our hands in our own space.

The virtue of accountability has been a bit harder to comprehend, but they understand to a certain degree that if they make bad choices they will experience the consequences of those choices.

We have started our music program which involves learning about a new composer every week, and listening to a musical composition written by that composer. Last week we listened to Haydn’s “Le Matin” which is French for “the morning”. This week we are enjoying Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 1. We have learned that the main instrument we hear in this composition is the french horn.


In the area of math the children are well on their way to working independently with individual math works, as well as continuing with new lessons.

We have learned how to use the sand numbers, number rods, spindle boxes, cards and counters, red pegs and numbers, number sort, and teen board. Each child is working at his or her own pace according to their needs at this time. For example, if a child is still learning to identify numbers 0-9, they will continue to work on this for as long as needed for understanding. That is the beauty of Montessori. The children work at their own individual pace. While some of them are still working with materials for basic 1-10 number and quantity recognition, others are working with the teen board and beads.

You will start seeing more practice sheets coming home in Friday folders. The colorful circles in the shape of a triangle are the introduction to the bead stair. They set up the bead stair beads in order from representation of 1-9. The children learn that the red bead represents one, green-two, pink-three, etc.  This work sets the stage for later work with the bead chains for squaring and cubing of numbers.

We have also done an introduction to the golden bead material. So they are now learning the concept of 1 unit,1 ten, 1 hundred, and 1 thousand.


In the area of language we continue to work on the letter sounds using the Zoophonic’s materials, singing the Zoophonic’s songs, and playing games at circle.

The children are also practicing with the sandpaper letters to trace. Those that are already familiar with the letter sounds have started working on matching pictures and three letter short vowel words.


We have continued with learning the names of the 7 continents. We have also started learning about the land and water forms, and have had a lesson on land, air, and water. The children learn through pictures what things go on land, those that go in the water, and those you would find in the air.


We are working on learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. We have learned that butterflies lay eggs first. The children use picture cards and plastic models to show the order of the life cycle.

This week we had a lesson on vertebrates and invertebrates. The children have picked up on the difference very quickly.

Practical Life

We have had lessons on water pouring, and water transfer using a sponge.  Coordination and concentration in the making!



We are almost through the third week of school, and I am so impressed with the progress the children have made at settling into the daily routine. The following are some of the lessons we have been working on in each area of the Montessori curriculum.


We started with sand paper numbers which helped me to assess where each child is with their number recognition. We are also doing lessons on the number rods, spindle boxes and cards and counters. These lessons help the children with recognizing the quantity that goes with each number from 1-10. We have also had an introduction to the bead stair, which introduces the color-coding for later work with the bead chains for the squaring and cubing of numbers.


We have been practicing Zoophonics every day. Each letter of the alphabet has an animal to go with the letter, and a motion to remember the animal from Allie Alligator to Zeke the Zebra. We also have songs and games that we play using the Zoophonics picture cards.When doing these lessons we our saying the phonetic letter sound. This is preparing the children for learning all of the sounds of the alphabet for reading.

In the area of writing the children have been doing letter and name practice.

Sensorial and Practical Life:

Each day the children are able to choose from the sensorial and practical life areas during work time. Many of them have been continuing to practice with the red, yellow, green and blue graded cylinders. They enjoy experimenting with size comparison, and patterning.


This week we had a lesson on the continents, and learned how to use the continent puzzle map.

Happy Birthday to Maria Montessori

We celebrated Maria Montessori’s birthday this week, August 31st. We have been reading a book about her life, and how she developed the Montessori method of teaching. We learned about where she was born, her education, and how and why she developed the Montessori method . The children also drew pictures of  their favorite Montessori material in the classroom, or pictures of the classroom. Some of the pictures show the children using their favorite materials. We finished off the day with birthday cookies in honor of her and her great works.

Other areas of learning:

This weeks virtue is responsibility. We talked about what it means to be responsible. The children have learned that they are responsible for taking care of their materials, and putting work away when finished with it. We also talked about what they are responsible for at home.





Updates: August 15th-19th

Upcoming Dates:

August 24th-Weds.-Early Release at 11:30

September 5th-Monday-Labor Day-School Closed

The first week of school was a great success. We spent the week learning the classroom rules and procedures. We also learned playground rules, and learned our first two virtues for the year, which were courtesy and respect. We talked about how to practice these virtues in the classroom and at home.

We started off the week with lessons on the sensorial materials which included using the pink tower, red rods, brown stair, knobbed cylinders, and the red cylinders. These Montessori materials are used for developing hand /eye coordination, developing fine motor skills,as well as, distinguishing between smallest to largest, thinnest to thickest, and shortest to longest. We also learned how to carry these materials one piece at at time, and how to use them with care.

We had some lessons in the area of practical life as well. These included dry pouring rice from one small pitcher to another, and spooning, which was spooning rice from one bowl to another. These activities are important for hand-eye coordination, concentration, and everyday living. Practical life skills will be an every day part of our class. We also learned about caring for our environment, and the first job assignments went up on the job board. This is to help the children learn to care for their classroom. They will be doing all kinds of care for the environment from cleaning tables to sorting the pencils.


The children will be starting some individual and small group math and language works based on what knowledge they already have of letter sounds, and identifying numbers.

Thank you to everyone who has already stepped up to help out with laundry and water bottle refills for the classroom. If you have not yet signed up for dates to take the water bottles for refilling, please see the list in the classroom. We also have some openings for other classroom helpers. If you have not yet seen the list please stop in the classroom to take a look to see what is available.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the Remind communication program. It has already proved to be very helpful. On the site it has my “office hours” down as Monday -Friday from 7am to 7pm, iI f you need to get a message to me on the weekends it is fine to send one, or send me an email at any time. I check it on the weekends as well. If you ever have any questions or concerns please let me know.

A Bit About Ms. Dawn and Mrs. Vicky

Ms. Dawn

I have been working here at Montessori Day Schools for almost 32 years. I was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and moved to Phoenix when I was 21 years old. I come from a large family and I am the youngest of 8 children. I spent my first 3 years out of high school as a nanny. Between having many nieces and nephews at a young age, and my nanny work, I guess I was destined to become a teacher.

I spent 24 years working in our toddler program which was located on 12th St. I started as an assistant for 4 years, and then became lead teacher and director. After it’s closure I moved to this campus. I worked in Primary with Ms. Romana for 2 years,  and  in Junior Elementary with Ms. Samia for 5 years.This is my second year leading the kindergarten class, and I love it.

I am a widow with two children. Cody is 23, and Kendra is 18. They both attended this very Montessori school from toddlers through Middle School. Kendra recently graduated from high school, and will be starting college classes this week.

In my spare time I enjoy shopping with my daughter, hiking, (which I don’t do often enough), and swimming in the summer months. When time permits I enjoy playing guitar, and mosaic art projects.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your children this year. It’s going to be a great year.

Mrs. Vicky

My name is Virginia Felix (Mrs. Vicky). This will be my third year working at Montessori Day School. I love and enjoy the way of teaching at this school. I enjoy working with this age group.

I’m married and have two boys. They are in 2nd and 4th grade here at Montessori. I like to learn new things in my spare time, and I enjoy relaxing and watching special programs on T.V.

I look forward to working with your children this year.






Lead Teacher :: Dawn Reed  Assistant: Virginia Felix

Upcoming Dates:

May 23rd-Crazy Hair Day

May 24th-Water Day

May 25th-Pajama Day

May 26th-Game Day

May 27th-9:00 Kindergarten Celebration-Last Day of the School Year-Early Release for all students at 11:30.

Updates for May 2nd-13th

Wow, only two more weeks left, and the class will be celebrating their promotion to first grade. The time is going by so quickly.

First of all, Ms. Vicky and I would like to give a huge thank you to all of the students and parents for the wonderful gifts this week. We have enjoyed all of the flowers, cards, gifts, and goodies. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Spring Fling, and all the wonderful projects the children made for you.I am happy to announce that our class came in second place in the coin fundraiser. We collected $175.53 in our coin jars. Thank you to all of you for donating.

The first place raffle prize, the garden stone, was won by Tonya McEldowney, Mason’s mom. The lucky winner of the wind chime was Giulianna Madrid, from our class.The children had so much fun creating these items.

Please watch your email for upcoming sign up sheets for water day volunteers, and for refreshment trays for the kinder celebration.


The children have been continuing with their individual language works. They  have come so far with their reading skills.


In math we have been practicing addition tables. Many of the children are picking up on them from memory, while others still use the bead bars and addition strip board to assist in finding the answers. Repetition is a big part of helping them to retain the answers.


We have started learning about our final continent for the year, Europe. This week we have learned about plants and animals.


We have started learning about the Solar System. The children are quickly learning the names of all of the planets, their order from the sun, and some simple facts about each one.


April 25th-29th

Our class has been very busy with preparation for the Spring Fling. We have been working on our garden art projects,and finished a lovely garden stepping stone. The mosaic stepping stone will be raffled off, and tickets will be available starting next week, and at the Spring Fling.We are working on another project, as well, to be available for the raffle.

I am amazed at how well we have done on our coin collecting. The children have been diligently bringing in coins each day.They are so excited to help earn funds for their school, and are anxious to see if they can win the pizza party for the class.


This week in language the children have been practicing the family sorts and sight words. Individual works continue as well as daily journal writing.


In math the children have been working very hard on the long chains. Many of them continue to practice dynamic addition and subtraction with the stamp game.


The composer for the week is Mozart, and the composition is Eine kleine Nachtmusik” which means ” A Little Night Music”.


Updates for April 18th-22nd

We are so excited that our coin jar is almost filled to the top, and we still have until Friday May 6th to continue collecting.  We may have to get a bigger jar.

Thank you to all for helping out with  the coin donations. Remember, if the classrooms combined reach a thousand dollars in coins, Midfirst Bank will meet that with an additional one thousand! It is such a great fund raiser for the school, for art, P.E., and materials.

We have started our projects for the Spring Fling. Our classroom theme will be Garden Art made from recyled materials. The items will be on display in the classroom the afternoon of the Spring Fling. We will even have one or two larger items that we will be raffling off, so watch for tickets to be sold soon.

In May we will need parent volunteers to help out with some activities such as Spring Fling, water day, and also some volunteers who would be willing to provide refreshments for the Kindergarten graduation. Please watch for more information in the near future regarding these events.


In language we continue individual works on reading, short vowel sounds, journal, moveable alphabet, and blends.


In math we are also continuing with individual works, which include everything from addition to multiplication.


In geography we have continued to learn more about Africa.


We have had a lesson on the differences between an amphibian and a reptile.





Updates for April 11th-15th

The weeks are just flying by so quickly, and  we will be to the end of the school year before we know it. We will be announcing soon the date for the Kindergarten graduation ceremony, which will be at the end of May. We also have the Spring Fling coming up on the evening of May 6th. Our class will be displaying some garden art made from recycled materials. We would appreciate it if you could help us out by saving your bottle caps, soup cans (both large cans and small),and a couple of cardboard soda cartons. We will also need flat long wooden garden sticks, string, two or three tin pie pans (aluminum ok), and two Mason jars. If anyone happens to have a large old metal funnel, we could use it. We have some really fun projects planned.

We will be celebrating Earth Day on the 2oth.We have started learning about recyling, and will be practicing it in the classroom. I encourage you to carry over this practice at home with your child.



This week in language the children practiced family sorts and short vowels sounds with the materials, and they also enjoyed some fun worksheet activities. Each day they continue at their own pace with their individual language lessons. They are all showing great progress with their language skills.


In math we continue to practice with the money box. We have started learning about using a decimal point when writing dollar and cent amounts. Also learning to determine what the value is according to what is in the dollar space to the left of the decimal, and cent amount to the right of the decimal.


We continue learning about Africa. This week we learned about famous landmarks of Africa such as the Great Pyramids, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Sahara Dessert.


We also talked more about the four seasons. The children enjoyed drawing pictures to show their ideas of the four seasons.

This week’s composer is Georg Philipp Telemann, and the composition is Viola Concerto in G Major 2. Allegro. We are learning about the difference between a viola and a violin.

Updates April 4th-8th


This week we had a lesson on building words by using small letter tiles.  The children will use these to practice making family sort words. This week they worked on words ending in et and at. Some of the children are also working on more challenging words to spell with the moveable alphabet. Daily journal is still a part of the everyday routine, and we are also practicing sight words by writing them down.



In math this week  the children continued with their individual math works. Some of the students are now working on multiplication with the bead bars. We also did a review of the value of money. We continue to practice skip counting by 2’s and 5’s.


This week we started learning about the continent of Africa. We are learning the names of the countries, and about the Sahara Dessert. We also had a lesson on animals and plants of Africa.

We had a review lesson on the land and water forms,and the children are making booklets which contain each of them. They are really starting to comprehend the difference, and they enjoy trying to find examples of each one in the Atlas books.


We continue are study of the frog life cycle. The children were able to do worksheets to color each phase of the cycle. We then had them draw a picture of their own to depict each cycle, and it resulted in some really great drawings.


This weeks composer was Aaron Copeland and the composition was the lively “Simple Gifts” from Appalachian Spring. The children really enjoyed this composition.

We are continuing are classroom coin collection fundraiser through until the beginning of May. Thank you to all who have contributed so far. The children are really excited to see the amount of coins increase  in the jar each week.

March 21st-25th


This week we had a grammar lesson on articles. We have also been working on individual reading. The children still enjoy daily practice with the moveable alphabet, three letter short vowel words, and family sorts. We have also started writing some of the sight words.


The children amaze us each day with how well they are advancing with their math skills. We have been working on stamp game subtraction, snake game, and some of the children are progressing with the multiplication board.


We have been finishing up this month’s study of Australia with coloring pictures of Australian animals, and the Australian flag.


We have had a lesson on the parts of the frog, and the children have been working on their frog booklets. We have also been learning about how the frog starts out as a tadpole, and turns into a frog.


Updates for March 1st-11th

It is hard to believe we are now into the month of March. Where has the school year gone?  I just want to say thank you again to everyone who created a Read A Thon page for their child, and for those who donated. Our class earned $505.00.  The children enjoyed their ice cream party last Friday with vanilla ice cream with a choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce. Ice cream wouldn’t be complete without those colorful sprinkles, so we had those as well.

Thank you all for attending the Parent/Teacher conferences.

Our class garden is coming along nicely with the help of our parent garden volunteers, Sherri and Billi. Thank you for the time they take to put into creating and caring for this project with the students.

Please remember  next week is Spring Break week so there will be no school. I hope all the children have a great week off of school.


In the area of language we have been continuing with grammar lessons. So far we have learned about the noun, verb, adjective and adverb.

We are taking a break from our daily journal each week to spend time focusing on writing practice, which includes working on proper letter formation, letter placement on the lines, and spacing.

The children continue with their individual language lessons as well.


In the area of math we continue to work on individual math skills. We have reviewed exchanging with the golden bead material. Many of the students are moving into multiplication, and it is such a thrill to see their continued progress.


This month we have started learning about the continent of Australia. We have talked about the countries, animals, and landmarks.

We have also been learning some facts about Arizona. The children have been working on Arizona booklets, and are learning about the state bird, capital and flower.

Updates for February 22-26th

What an exciting and busy month it has been. We had a great turn out for Open House. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who were able to help with this event.

We also had a great turn out for Child As Teacher. The children really enjoyed showing you all their work. Thank you to all for coming.

I have great news about the Read A Thon. Our class has raised $505 in donations. We still have one more day to go, and hope to top that amount. Thank you to everyone who donated personally, and recruited friends and family to help out. I promised the children an ice cream party if we reached $450, so we will be enjoying some ice cream together one day next week.

We have been reading Charlotte’s Web during our reading time at school. The children really seem to be enjoying it, and comprehending the story.  We have been reading some picture books as well.


We have started working on grammar lessons, and the children have learned about the noun and the verb.They have picked up quickly on what qualifies as a noun, and how to identify the verb by looking for the action in the sentence. This week we have also started learning about adverbs. The children continue to work at their own pace on their reading and writing lessons. We also continue to work on family sort words, and sight words.


In math we have had an introduction to the bead frame. The children also continue to work on their individual lessons with many of them moving forward into stamp game. The exchanging process is practiced over and over in order to master the skill.


We continue our study of Asia.  The children are practicing locating and naming the countries on the map. They also enjoy working with matching the flags, plants, and animals of Asia with the language cards.

They also enjoy practicing with the other puzzle maps of the continents we have learned about this year. In March we start our study of Australia.


This month we have learned about the parts of the flower. The children enjoy working on making booklets with a page to show each separate part of the flower. They color and label the pictures. Their favorite part of the flower is the “calyx” because it rhymes with Alex, one of their classmates. Therefore, it is easy to remember.

We have also taken a closer look at the botany cabinet, and we are learning about the different shapes of leaves, and their names.

February 7th-12th


The lessons in language have continued with moveable alphabet, sight words, family sort words, and a new group of students beginning to read. It is so exciting to see this progression.

At journal time all the students are now writing on their own, and without highlighter letters to trace. At first they were hesitant, but as they catch on, they improve more each day. Some of the topics this month we have written about have included, the lessons for the day, the beautiful sunny weather, and making Valentine folders.


In math this month some students have progressed to stamp game subtraction, while others are starting addition. The addition strip board, and colored bead addition are also favorites. Many of the boys are on a “roll” with their number rolls.


We  have started studying the continent of Asia.We have been working with the puzzle map, and on coloring and labeling a map. We have also covered animals, places, and plants of Asia with our beautiful sets of vocabulary cards.


We have started learning about the parts of a fish. The children are so excited to start their fish booklets, which will include coloring and labeling the parts of the fish body.

Circle Time/Other

The composer of the week is Johann Sebastian Bach. The composition is French Suite No.5, BMV 816 7. Gigue. They know it as Bach’s Gigue, or “jig”.




This month we have been working on sight words. Once a week during group time the children recite the words from the white board. Many of the children are working with the sight word drawers on their own, as well as with the family sort words.

Everyone is now well on their way with the moveable alphabet, and they enjoy working on it in small groups. They are doing very well at taking turns to spell out the words with letters. It is such an exciting new work that they really enjoy.

We continue our daily journal writings and have had many exciting things to write about this month, including the 1oo days of school, and Ms. Pat’s birthday.


In math many of the children are now working on the stamp game, while others are starting their large number formations. They also enjoy building the large numbers with the golden bead materials. We have had lessons on the addition strip board,and we have been working on addition with the bead bars. Some of the students have also started their number rolls.


This month’s continent is Antarctica. We have had lessons on animals and places. We have also talked about why no one lives there. The children are fascinated that some scientists spend time there to learn more about the ice and the climate.


We have started learning about the human body, and the function of our internal organs.We will be going to see the Bodyology presentation on our field trip next week. Then we will really be ready to learn more about how the body works. The children are very excited about this learning.

Circle time:

The composer of the week is Mozart. The composition we have been listening to is “The Marriage of Figaro” Overture. We have been talking about what an overture is, so be sure to ask your child to see if they can tell you.

We have been talking about kindness, and ways to practice it for Kindness Week. The children have come up with some great ideas. They are all going to practice it at home, as well.


December Events

December 18th-Winter Program and Bazaar

December 21st-January 1st-Winter Break

Updates Week of Nov.30th-Dec.4th


This week the children have been working on Family Sort words. For example sorting words that all end in” an” such as man, fan,can, etc. We continue daily practice with three letter short vowel works, as well as our Zoo Phonics song and games using the Zoo Phonics cards. The daily journaling is going quite well, and everyone gets to participate and make suggestions for what we should write for the day.


In math the children continue to work on their individual math works. Many of them are advancing with lessons on short chains, and others are doing large number formation, and addition using the golden bead materials.


We have started learning about South America, and the animals of South America. Many of the children are working on coloring and labeling the South America map. We are also reviewing the land forms, and learning to locate and name land forms on the maps.


We have been practicing for two weeks on the songs we will perform for the Winter Program. The children have the words memorized already, and now we are working on some surprises to add to our performance. We hope you are all able to attend. We will be starting our crafts for the bazaar next week. It is such a busy and exciting time of the year for us all. The children are really looking forward to performing on stage.

The composer of the week is Arcangelo Corelli, and the composition is “Christmas Concerto”.


November Event

November 12th Thursday-Skate Night Fundraiser at Great Skate from 5:30-8:00 p.m.

November 17th-Child As Teacher-Sign up sheet has been send via email.

Scholastic Book Fair will be November 17th-20th here on campus. Times will be available to go shop after school for books. Great way to get some Christmas shopping done as well.

November 25th-Classroom Thanksgiving Feast-Sign up sheet has been sent via email.

November 26th and 27th-School Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday.

November 11th-15th


This week in language all the students received their journal. We will be having a special journal time each morning as a group where everyone will write in their journal. The children who can will be copying the days entry right from the white board, while others have it written in a highlighter marker first, and then they trace over the letters. This is great writing practice for everyone, and will also help with their reading skills.They also continue to work on their individual language works. Many of them are progressing into reading three letter words using the pink cards. We have also been working with the movable alphabet in small groups, and the children are sounding out the words, and then helping to spell them with the letters.


This week in math some of the children have started working on long/power of 3 bead chains, and others are being introduced to the short/power of 2 chains. Everyone is progressing with their individual math work with the materials.


We have started learning about flags, and have started coloring flags of North America. Many of the children have been working on the U.S. puzzle map.


We have started learning about reptiles, and will be working on booklets to learn about the parts of the reptile.


The composer for the week is Johann Sebastian Bach, and the composition is “Jesu,Joy of Man’s Desiring”.


Updates for week of November 2nd-6th.


This week in language we have been continuing our work with short vowel sound words, Zoo Phonics, and sight words. Some of the children have started journaling, and others continue to progress with their reading of the Bob books, and the Primary Phonics books.


In math the children work on their individual levels each day. Many of them are practicing with the teen board, and some are working on golden bead addition. They also enjoy short bead chain works, and large number formation.


We have learned about the parts of the leaf. The children are currently working on making their leaf booklets which have a page to represent each individual part of the leaf. They enjoyed last weeks pumpkin lesson, and learning about the different parts of the pumpkin. We cut up a small pumpkin and talked about the different parts of it which included the stem, rind, seeds. fibrous strands, and pulp. Than we made it into a jack o’ lantern. We will also be making booklets about the different parts of the pumpkin.


We have started our study of North America. The children have been working on coloring and labeling maps of North America. This week we have looked at the United States, and have had a lesson on the U.S. puzzle map. They are really enjoying this work, and learning some of the names of the states. This work involves taking apart the puzzle map and matching the pieces to the control map, which is a laminated map that is labeled with the state names.


Thank you to everyone who was able to help out at the fall festival. It was a great success, and we could not have done it without parent volunteers.

A special thank you to David Gibbons for volunteering to teach P.E. once a week to our class. The children are loving it and always asking when “Coach” is coming for P.E. David has a special connection to our school as he was once a student here, and now his sons Alex and Nathaniel attend.



Updates Week of October 12th-16th

Upcoming Events

The month of October will be a very busy month. Please mark the following dates on your calenda

Conferences-If you have not signed up please do so. It is important that you attend a conference to learn of your child’s progress, and what areas they may need to be working on.

Thursday and Friday Oct. 22nd and 23rd Parent Teacher Conferences and Early Release both days at 11:30. An online sign up sheet has been sent out via email. If you did not get it please let us know. If there is not a convenient time listed please see me in order to schedule for another time.

Also, Oct 23rd will be the Character Parade in the morning at 9 a.m. in the gym. More details to follow.Watch for an email.

Saturday Oct. 24th-School Fall Festival- 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Oct. 24th is also the due date for any school apparel orders. (t-shirts, sweatshirts, and bags) These have school name and a logo on them

Butter Braids Fundraiser

This fundraiser is to earn funds to hire a PE teacher for the school so that each class can have PE once a week. Last year it was very successful, and we know that we can reach that goal again this year.The order forms went home a few weeks ago. If you did not get one please let us know. The orders are due in to school by November 4th.

To make it more fun the following prizes will be awarded to the children with the most sales:

The child with the most sales will get 4 tickets to Castles-n-Coasters.

The child who makes the next most sales: 4 movie tickets to Harkins Theater

And the final prize for the next most sales will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to Baskin Robbins.


Note: Child As Teacher has been rescheduled for November 17th.



The children continue to use the sensorial materials on a daily basis. They enjoy comparing sizes, depths, lengths, and widths through the use of the pink tower, brown stair, knobbed cylinders and knobless cylinders.


Each day the children use the language materials via small group lessons or on their own. Many of them have been practicing the green trays work. The green trays hold pictures of several letters. There are also vibrantly colored photographs of different things that begin with the those letter sounds. The children match the pictures to the correct letter sound.

It is great to have parent reading helpers now that come into the classroom to have the children read to them. This is very helpful to the readers as they need the repetition  as much as possible to help them reach fluency.


In math we continue to work on learning the teens by using the teen board, and also the teen counting work. Each day we count the days that we have been in school on our hundred day chart. This repetition assists the children in learning their numbers up to 100.


This week we worked on our booklets of the life cycle of the butterfly.


We are currently learning the parts of the tree, and working on tree booklets. We will also be doing parts of the plant and leaf this month. Also, the growth of a pumpkin, and parts of a pumpkin will be covered.

Circle Time

This weeks composer was Mozart. The children enjoy listening to the weekly compositions, and pointing out what instruments they can hear.



 Classroom Updates for Week #8 October 5th-9th


This week we have had a lesson on drawer #5 of the Geometric Cabinet which is quadrilaterals. The children continue to work individually on the many sensorial materials. Some of the favorites are the knobless cylinders, sound cylinders,color boxes, and constructive triangles.


This week in language we have had lessons on the 3 letter short vowel sound words of i and u.The children also work daily on individual language works.


The children have  been advancing with their math skills with both individual and small group works. Whether it be the short bead stair or the 10’s board the children enjoy learning how to advance in their math skills. Many of them are looking forward to the next lessons in math, but know that in order to get there they must first practice and master their current level first.


We have learned about the many parts of the butterfly, and the butterfly life cycle. The children have started making their very own booklet about the parts of the butterfly. We have also reviewed vertebrates and invertebrates.

Circle Time

Each day we sing several songs at circle time as well as say the Pledge of Allegiance.  Practicing Zoo Phonics is still a favorite as well.

This weeks composer was Aaron Copland, and the composition was Rodeo:Hoe-Doe.

Each day we continue to practice Grace and Courtesy lessons which include walking in the classroom, proper circle time behavior, how to politely get the teacher’s attention, respecting one another and one another’s work, and caring for the materials in the classroom.


Updates for Week of September 28th


This week we had lessons on drawer #4 of the Geometric cabinet (polygons),the large hexagon box, and the sound cylinders. The children were amazing to watch at circle as they were each offered a turn at the sound cylinders. They were so attentive and quiet while each one took a turn shaking the cylinder and finding the matching cylinder with the same sound.


This week we continued with more Zoophonics practice. The children enjoy the different variations of flashcard activities. As I hold up the flashcard I may request them to say the letter sound only or to make the hand motion of the Zoophonic animal. We have lots of fun with this activity as well as the Zoophonics songs that we sing. The children have been working on many individual language lessons as well.Many of them are using the “blue tubs” work. These have three letter words in each box, one box for each vowel sound, while others are working on the Family Sort drawers, and reading the Bob books and the Primary Phonics books.


In math we have done a review of the golden 10 bars, and practicing counting by 10’s to 100. We also practice counting by counting the days we have been in school which we keep track of on our daily calendar. The children are enjoying their introduction to the short bead chains. Many of them have taken off with this work, and are anxiously wanting to do them all. It is great to see their enthusiasm and progression while using these materials.


This week we had a lesson on the life cycle of the ladybug.

Circle time:

We have continued to review respect as our virtue, and also self discipline. Our composer of the week was Benjamin Britten and the composition was Simple Symphony 2, Playful Pizzacato. The children enjoy listening to these compositions. We close are eyes and try to visualize the music. It is interesting to hear what they visualized as they listened to the music.


Updates for Week of September 21st


This past week the children have enjoyed lessons with the third drawer of the Geometric Cabinet.(triangles) We have also reviewed the Geometric Solids with the picture cards to match to each solid.


In language we continue to work on reading skills by using the Zoophonics cards to review the letter sounds, as well as daily work on sand paper letters. Many of the children are matching words to picture cards. We continue working on name practice (writing and learning to spell one’s name), and are working with the moveable alphabet.


We have had a lesson introducing the Golden Bead materials.  These materials support the children’s exploration and understanding of math concepts into the thousands, through concrete experience.  Some children are starting to work with the short bead chains, while others continue their learning with the colored bead stair. Each day I enjoy seeing the array of math work that the children have out in the classroom. It is amazing to see them all working and focusing on the many different materials.


This week we have continued with the Oceans of the World by labeling and coloring another world map. This work has also given the opportunity for the continued learning of the continent names which many of the children have mastered.


This week we reviewed the virtue of respect, and how to practice it both at school and at home. We have also had a lesson on using books properly, looking at them with care, and respecting them.




Upcoming Events:

Tuesday September 22nd, Parent Partners Night-6 p.m.; topic:  Montessori Math and the Common Core

Weds. September 23rd, Early Release


Updates for week of September 14th

It is amazing to see how quickly the children are advancing in their daily works in the classroom. Whether it be a group lesson, small group lesson, or individual lesson, they are learning new concepts and new materials each week. This week we have been focusing on the following lessons:

Practical Life

This past week we have been working on the area of Grace and Courtesy. The children are learning the importance of walking around behind others if they need to leave circle time for any reason. We have also been reviewing how we wait for the teacher/another without interrupting, and walking around other children’s work that may be on a mat on the floor.  Practicing these things requires attention and coordination and develops courtesy and consideration.


The sensorial lessons this week have included a lesson on the knobless cylinders. There are four sets of the cylinders: red, yellow, blue, and green. As with the knobbed cylinders these cylinders also vary in depth and diameter. The children enjoy setting them up according to size, and also comparing multiple sets of them at a time. They also enjoy using the pattern cards to set the cylinders up in many different patterns.  This develops their abilities with observation, sequencing, and sensory discrimination

We have also had our first lesson on the geometric cabinet.


We continue in language with lots of name writing practice, sand paper letter tracing, picture and word cards, and word-building with the movable alphabet. Each day we do the calendar together, and practice the days of the week and months of the year.


All I can say is, “wow”. The children are advancing in their math skills each day. Several of them have already started using the hundred board while others are perfecting their comprehension of the short bead stair. We have had lessons on the teen board this week, as well as individual work that matches concept development.


Push pin work has taken on a whole new meaning this past week as the children are working on push pinning the continent shapes to make their very own continent books. Using the push pin to punch small holes to” cut out” the shape is helping with fine motor development for writing. It also requires a lot of concentration and focus to finish the work.  Concentration and focus transfer to other areas as they develop.

We have also continued working on the names of the land forms, and have started learning about the oceans of the world.

Circle Time Activities

We have started learning the Pledge of Allegiance. We also sing several songs each day. The current favorite is “Tooty Ta”.  Ask your child to teach it to you. Fun will follow! Our composer this week is Vivaldi and the composition is “Autumn”. The virtue of the week is accountability.


Please remember that pick up time for  full day children with no siblings is at 2:45, and at 3:15 if they have siblings in attendance.

For snacks and lunches please refrain from sending cookies, sugary foods of any kind, and chocolate milk . Also, snack time is only about 10 minutes long, so once again, only one snack item is needed. They do not really have the time to eat several different items.

Your child will be bringing home a field trip permission slip this Friday. The actual field trip will not be until February, however in order to reserve space and buses we need to get the money and forms in early. Please fill out the form and sent it back to school next week with the payment.


















Practical Life

In the area of practical life the children are busy on a daily basis using their favorite practical life works. I enjoy observing them as they quietly perfect their pouring, spooning, cutting, tonging, and scrubbing skills. It is amazing to see the progress that they made from when they first learned to use the work 3 weeks ago, and now they are using materials so smoothly. The concentration has greatly improved, which will carry over to more academic work. This week we have had lessons on the button and buckle frames.


We continue to use sensorial materials on a daily basis. This week we have had a lesson with the Constructive Triangle box.The beginning lesson introduces to the children that various triangles can be used to form an equilateral triangle. Also, it demonstrates how other shapes can be formed by combining the triangles.


Each day the children have the opportunity to choose materials from the language area. Many of them have been working hard with Zoophonics matching cards, while others are beginning to read. We have started doing calendar work this week for those of the children who are ready. This is to help them establish the concept of “Today is…, yesterday was,….. and tomorrow will be”  – present, past and future tense. They then write in the day on the correct line.

Virtue of the week is self-discipline. I have been explaining to the children how they can practice it especially while sitting together at circle time. We also discussed other ways that we can practice self discipline, and it is quite interesting to hear some of their ideas. Be sure to ask them about it at home.

The composer of the week is George Frideric Handel, and the composition is Music for Royal Fireworks. Once again something fun to ask your child about as we talk about several facts about the composer and the composition..


Thank you so much for your cooperation with the snacks. It has been much easier this past week with everyone’s snack in the right place.

Also, please remember to have your child take out all of the papers from their Friday folders before returning them on Monday. The papers that go home are the works they have done on paper during the week, so they may keep those completed works. You may often times see repetition of works, which is important to help them master that particular work or concept.

Regarding the weekly pizza orders, we ask that you please be sure to put your child’s name on the order form. Please clip the money to the order form, or place the money and form in a ziploc bag. There is a small metal bucket on top of the cubbies for the orders.

Week of August 24th, 2015

This past week has gone by so quickly, and the children are continuing to settle in quite nicely. The children are excited each day to learn new lessons, and choose new works.

Practical Life

Practical life is available to the children to use everyday. Many of them are drawn to this area on a daily basis which helps to improve their coordination, and to help them with everyday skills such as pouring,  spooning, and cleaning up after themselves.


In math many of the children are already working with the teen board, and others are perfecting their counting skills and number recognition. It is great to see them enjoy learning the concepts of math.


This week we had a lesson with the pink tower, and how to use it ever so carefully. This teaches the children to recognize precise differences of dimension, and the language of large, larger, largest, and small, smaller, and smallest. We have also worked our way up to using three blocks/sets of the knobbed cylinders at  a time. Each block has 10 precisely graded cylinders which vary in diameter and depth.  They are wonderful materials which help to build hand eye coordination, and recognition of mathematical differences in depth and diameter. Using the 3-finger grip on the knobs to move and compare them also helps to build up coordination  and fine motor skills for writing.


The children are advancing quickly with the language materials. After only two weeks they know all the names and motions of the Zoophonics animals – from Allie Alligator  to Zeke Zebra! Many of them have been  practicing reading words, and matching pictures to the words.

Sand paper letters are also being used by many as practice for writing the letters on paper, and for learning the letter sounds.


We have started learning a virtue of the week. This week had two:  friendliness and orderliness. Ask your child to tell you what they learned about these two important virtues. We talked about how to practice them both at school and at home.


Once again for snacks please send your child’s snack in a separate plastic ziploc bag. Please make sure your child’s name is on the bag, and have them place it in the green snack basket on top of the cooler. While we understand that half day students want to bring snack in a lunch box we ask that these be put in their cubby. We are finding a large number of students need to go back out to the cooler to retrieve their snack. We have the snack basket so we can bring all the snacks into the classroom at once in the morning.  Also, we ask that you send only one snack unless your child is in the aftercare program. We provide water in the classroom, and each child has a cup with their name on it so there is no need to send a water bottle for half day students.

Your child will be bringing home their Friday folder for the first time this week. The folder will have any work they completed during the first two weeks of school in it. Also, in the future you may find Scholastic Book order forms and Friday lunch forms in these folders. Please be sure your child returns the folder every Monday morning to the blue basket.

School will be closed on Monday September 7th in observance of Labor Day.


Week of August 17th, 2015

The week has gone by so quickly, and the children are settling in to the daily routine. It has been a busy week full of many group lessons and individual lessons.We have been working on the daily routine, and also on how to sit at circle. We have also had lessons on being respectful to one another,  caring for the materials and our classroom, and appropriate classroom behavior. These are all Grace and Courtesy lessons. The children have learned that if they have not had a lesson with the material they may not use it until the lesson has been presented to them.

Practical Life

The children have been learning many of the practical life works. Some of the favorites include pouring works, necklace making,water transfer with sponge or baster and using tongs for transfer and sorting.  These exercises help develop coordination, concentration and life skills.


In the area of math I have been giving small group lessons and one on one lessons to determine where the children are with their math skills. Many of the children are already using sand paper numbers, cards and counters, spindle boxes, and number rods.


We have had some group lessons on sensorial materials which include puzzles, red rods, color tablets, and knobbed cylinders.


In the area of language we have started learning the Zoophonics song. Ask your child to tell you about it, they are already doing great at remembering the animal name and action for each letter sound. We have done  a-j. I have also been giving individual lessons, and some of the children are already working on writing letters with pencil and paper while others are using sandpaper letters and the tracing sand.


Please remember to have your child leave their snack in the snack basket on top of the cooler in the morning when they put their lunch away. We prefer that snacks be in a ziploc bag with the child’s name marked clearly on the bag.

If you ever have any question or concerns please feel free to email me.

Mrs. Vicky and I are excited aout how well this first week has gone, and are so excited to work with your children this year.

August 26th Early Release 11:15 .

September 7th, Labor Day.



please note


  • Please remember to have your child put their snack (with their name on it) in the green basket in the morning. Due to space restrictions in our coolers please make sure that your child’s lunch box is of an average rectangular size and that it has their name on it.
  • Pick up times are as follows: 11:30 (for half day students), 2:45 (for students with no older siblings at MDS) and 3:15 (for students with older siblings at MDS) please be prompt to avoid late fees.
  • Our dress code states no Superhero shirts are allowed. Students that come to school in a Superhero shirt will have their parent called to request a change of shirt.
  • Please do not pack donuts, cookies, candy, pudding, or chocolate milk in your child’s lunch boxes. These items will be returned home.




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