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Phoenix – Mountainside Campus

Introduction - Mountainside Summer Program in Phoenix

Come join us for a summer of discovery. We will explore hands-on Montessori Materials to learn new things. Enjoy science experiments and express our creativity through arts and crafts. Delve into the mysteries of the ocean and the distant stars…and treat our taste buds to “cook-less” cooking.

Mornings – Each morning we will use our Montessori Materials to learn and challenge ourselves. From sounds to stories and counting to calculating, academic skills will truly be child’s play and also a great stepping stone for new students.

SESSION I: Science

Kids love to experiment. In this session we will explore slime, see inside an egg without breaking the shell. We will sprout beans, watch water walk, grow a crystal garden, make lava lamps , and share other fun experiments.

SESSON II: Ocean Life

Can an ocean be in a bottle? Join us as we learn about the ocean through fun crafts and activities. We will explore the depths of the ocean and create the zones in a jar to take home. We will also learn about the fascinating creatures found in the ocean.

SESSION III: Arts and Crafts

There are so many different styles of paintings. Have you ever painted using salt, plastic cling wrap or shaving cream? We will have tons of fun as we create our masterpieces together.

SESSION IV: Cook-less Cooking

How many things can you think of that are delicious to eat, but do not need to be cooked? We’ll create some together, like cookies & cream bars, berry pops, no bake granola bites, monkey bread, slushy’s, stuffed crescent rolls, ice cream in a bag, hummus, and frozen fruity yogurt bites.

SESSION V: Outer Space

Ever thought you might like to go there? Join us as we explore the universe! We will create our own solar system using play dough and make yarn wrapped planets. We will make our very own moon sand to take home, and learn the names and stories of some favorite constellations.

Chandler – Lakeshore Campus

Introduction - Lakeshore Summer Program in Chandler

Come join us for an amazing summer! Our days will be filled with investigating authors while fostering the love of literature, creating projects about different areas of research, enjoying science experiments, and expressing our creativity through arts and crafts. Some of the areas we will be visiting through research and study will be Arizona and Hawaii. Montessori Day School is delighted to announce the themes for summer 2015:

SESSION I: Fitness Fun

Kids enjoy being active and playing games that test their physical endurance and strength. During this session we will demonstrate ways to incorporate fitness activities and exercises into their daily lives that will help to keep them strong, committed, and healthy while still having fun and spending time with friends.

SESSION II: Around the World

Our young explorers will travel new and exciting lands this session while learning about different cultures, foods, people, and traditions around the world. With our passports packed, each traveler will get a chance to experience how other children live around the world.

SESSION III: Experiment with Science

Have you ever wondered why your hair stands up when you rub a balloon on it? Could the white light of the sun really be a spectrum of 7 different colors? Have you ever marveled at what draws magnets together or forces them apart? Well get ready for those inquiries to be