Primary Program

When it comes to the education of children, we believe in a happy balance between innocence and experience. We recognize and respect children’s need to enjoy the…

Elementary Program

The Montessori Elementary Program provides for the strong reasoning, imagining and very social individual who comes into being between 5 -7 years of age and remains…

Middle School Program

Early adolescence is a time of dynamic personal growth and change. Our Montessori Middle School program helps students to navigate these channels of change…

Please note that our preschools are Tuition Based

Montessori Day Schools offer children a spectrum of unique educational opportunities.

Montessori School in Phoenix

We are Public Chartered Montessori Schools, Preschools, Elementary Schools and Middle School focusing on the key features below.

• Developmental programs for toddlers • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Hands-on • Interdisciplinary programs for Elementary and Middle School

• Safe and nurturing extended care programs • Stimulating after-school enrichment classes

Helping children discover and develop their personal potential at



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MDPSC received a grade of “A” from the Arizona Department of Education!

Montessori Day Public Schools Chartered received an “A” because of the above average growth/progress of its students and its consistent meeting of all AMOs (Annual Measurable Objectives).

Its Mountainside campus was also designated as a “High Performing” and “High Progress Reward” Title I school. Read the commendation letter below.

ADE Letter
MDPSC achieved 2nd Place out of 1,250 schools in the state for students’ progress in reading, measured by Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). AYP measures the year to year academic progress

of students in each school in Arizona. MDPSC has met AYP standards every year since becoming a charter school. Read the article in the Sunday, April 26th issue of the Arizona Republic.

Students in the News Our dual-campus Montessori Marchers have once again won the People’s Award in the Phoenix Light Parade! Congratulations, Students!!

And many thanks to the parents who supported their participation, along with Mr. Ed, Ms. Marti, Mr. Sam, Mr. Embry, Mr. and Mrs. Walker.

Our student music programs are supported by donor Tax Credit dollars, at no cost to the donor.

For information about becoming a supporter, call a campus office or the school’s business office (602-870-0004).

A Sneak Peak Of Our Wonderful Montessori School