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Jennifer Brown :: jbrown@mdpsc.org

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Sunny Geavaras :: sgeavaras@mdpsc.org


Welcome to our class. We are glad to have your child learn and grow with us each day. We have so many wonderful things to share and are happy to guide your little one on their daily journey. Every day and month we explore new topics and cultures from around the world. Take a look below to see what we are investigating now.


Language Area


  • Kevin Henkes is the author of the month
  • Books about Peace
  • Books about Manners, Cooperation, Listening, Sharing, and Taking Turns
  • Books about Fall, Apples, Leaves

Writing Projects:

  • Journal writing:

-picture stories

-self narratives




  • Practice writing names or just letters on dry erase strips
  • Practicing letters m, s, t, a, f, p   dry erase strips


  • Geometry
  • Square, triangle, circle


  • Number Sense
  • 1-100, number words
  • 1-10, counting by ones forward & backward
  • Calendar
  • Addition/subtraction

Apple (object) counting



  • Plants and Seeds
  • Apples
  • Plants and Animals Sort
  • Introduction to Gardening- Working with Soil
  • Living vs. Non-Living
  • Land / Water / Air
  • Land/Soil /Rock
  • Body
  • 5 Senses


  • Earth (the sandpaper globe) (color continent globe)
  • Identifying basic Earth materials /land and water
  • Continents/Oceans
  • North America
  • Flags



  • Self Portraits – Family Trees
  • Apple/Leaf Art
  • Whale Art
  • North American Pin Pushing Project
  • Cutting, Pasting, Painting, Coloring


Classical Music Program

Peace Songs

Thematic Songs


Other Topics:

  • Peace Education
  • Character Education
  • International Peace Day
  • Fall



UPDATE – January 2016

Monthly Curriculum Areas


Growing Seeds

Parts of the plants

Citrus plants

We will touch on nutrition


Study of Antarctica


Project – the landscape in Antarctica

Making a Penguin

Make a peninsula

Create Watercolor Paintings

Study Monet

Other Topics:

Martin Luther King Jr

The New Year in North America


Literature Study:

Jeanette Winter – author of the month

Discussion about autobiographies and biographies. This includes the definitions of what each is and a variety of books by a variety of authors.

Books about Snow

Books about the changing of the seasons and hibernation

Books about seasonal fruit

Books about Martin Luther King

Books about Antarctica

Books about Peace Makers – Rosa Parks, MLK


Classical Music Program

Cooking Projects:

Soup, Seasonal Fruit, Smoothies

Show and Tell / Every Friday

Wk 1 – Bring in a photograph taken during Winter Break (1/8 Friday)

Wk 2 – Bring in a picture of Antarctica / specifically one of the peninsulas. This is a piece of land with water surrounding it on 3 sides (1/15 Friday)

Wk 3 – Bring in a book about Martin Luther King JR (1/22 Friday)

Wk 4 – Bring in a seasonal fruit (1/29 Friday)

All month – Bring in quarters to save the Polar Bears after doing chores to earn them


Learning to identify the quarter

Discussion about the bar graph

Discussion about shapes

Discussion about patterns

Writing Projects:

Writing facts about Antarctica

Write facts about the penguin

Write about a favorite story by Jeanette Winter

Starting a short sentence with a capital and ending it with a period, an explanation point, or a question mark

Our discussions will include explaining what a period, an explanation point, and a question mark mean


Practice two o’clock letters: a, c, o, e, s, and below the line hanging letters: q, g, p, y, j,

Please remember dates listed below:

January 4 (Mon) ………  School Resumes from Winter Break

January 18 (Mon) ……… NO SCHOOL / Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 21 (Thurs) …… Parent Partner Education Night

January 29 (Fri) ……….. NO SCHOOL / District In Service Day

February 5 (Fri) ………… Open House at 2:45afterschool & Child As Teacher Night at 4:00pm


Thanks for being so involved in your child’s life!!!

Thank you for signing up as parent volunteers!!!

Thank you for being supportive!!!